Why Online Reviews Are Critical for Brands in 2024: How To Earn More?

Online Reviews

Nowadays, online reviews are a critical aspect of the consumer pathway. Being a consumer in 2024, you have a higher demand for personalized services. 

You want engines to be able to perceive your special needs and preferences. 

You expect to receive the results which are relevant and of high quality and which are suppose to be personalized for you. This is the role of AI.

AI tools analyze huge amount of data to gain insights about the consumer behavior, needs, and issues. They then use these insights to optimize their search results.

The AI algorithms are the key signals providers of the online reviews about the product quality, value, and fit.

Online Reviews Build Trust and Credibility

Online reviews are the best ways to build trust and credibility for a brand. 

Positive 4 and 5 star reviews make new visitors believe that other authentic customers really enjoy your product.

Research shows that,

  • Studies show 88% of shoppers view online reviews as trustworthy and influential as suggestions from personal acquaintances.
  • 72% agree that good reviews encourage them to trust a local business more.

Online reviews serve as social proof that indeed you deliver on your promises. 

By doing this, you are establishing your credibility and the visitors to your site will have the confidence to buy from you, especially if you are a new brand.

Your credibility is protected with the right number of fresh, positive reviews even when you have to deal with the occasional negative review. 

It proves that you are a long-running business that has been pleasing the majority of its customers.

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Reviews Improve Your SEO & Search Visibility

Online reviews directly impact your SEO and search engine visibility too. 

The weight of search algorithms such as Google depends on the amount, quality, and recency of your online reviews.

Here are some of the SEO benefits positive online reviews offer,

  • Improves local SEO Services rankings for location-based searches
  • Helps search engines understand your brand and content better through user-generated insights
  • Passes authority and trust signals to search algorithms that you’re a credible business
  • Adds more unique, original content linking back to your site

This is the reason why higher rankings and more organic traffic are the direct results. 

As per BrightLocal, 97% of the consumers read the reviews of local businesses online, of which 50% of the visits are from Google searches.

Reviews online are the key to being discovered by your targeted audience. The more reviews you have, the more search visibility you get and traffic growth.

Customer Reviews Increase Conversions and Sales

The most important thing, online reviews directly lead to actual, measurable conversions and sales for businesses. 

They give social validation in the buyer’s journey and create trust between visitors and paying customers.

Here are some conversion stats for reviews,

  • According to surveys, 72% of consumers said positive reviews increase the likelihood they will become patrons of a local business.
  • 88% of consumers read up to ten online reviews before they believe a business.
  • Businesses with 4 or more stars are projected to see revenue growth of more than 20% as per data from BrightLocal.

Online reviews decrease scepticism and create confidence as people move down the sales funnel. 

Through the sharing of real customer stories, new visitors can readily imagine themselves successfully using your product. 

This way many of them will become paying customers.

How to get more online reviews?

Hopefully, you’re convinced by now that online reviews are crucial for any digital brand out there. 

What are the best ways to get more positive reviews from satisfied customers? 

Below are 7 time-tested review generation tips.

  1. Place review prompts all over your site. This encourages happy customers to leave a review.
  2. Send a personalized email to customers who had a nice experience asking for a review. Time them 2-4 weeks after purchase.
  3. Allow leaving a review to be very easy through review widgets and review buttons across your platform.
  4. Motivate the reviews by giving discounts or rewards in return for the quality ones.
  5. Reply thoughtfully to all online reviews, both positive and negative.
  6. Promote and showcase your best online reviews on-site and on social media.
  7. Survey customers for feedback and encourage posting reviews from survey respondents.

The easier and more rewarding you make leaving an review, the more reviews you’ll generate. Think about the ideal review experience from your customer’s perspective.

Responding to Reviews

Getting more reviews is just the first step. You also need to monitor and promptly respond to any reviews you receive.

Crafting thoughtful, professional responses shows customers you care and improves how potential customers perceive negative feedback.

Here are 5 tips for responding effectively,

  1. Express your gratitude to the customer for taking the time to provide feedback. Their perspectives are valued.
  2. Apologize for any disappointment or inconvenience caused. Take responsibility.
  3. Explain in a friendly tone how you’ll improve based on their review.
  4. For positive reviews, express your appreciation and how much the feedback means.
  5. Respond quickly, within 24 hours whenever possible. Don’t leave reviews unanswered.

Responding to all online reviews builds trust and improves your brand reputation over time. It’s an opportunity to provide amazing customer service.

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