How Does Local Business Citations Affect the Online Visibility of a Business?

Local Business Citations

If you run a local business citations, then definitely you know that getting found online is crucial. These days, when people need a product or service nearby, their first stop is usually a search engine like Google. They’ll search for something like “plumber near me” or “best pizza in Chicago.” 

So, showing up high in those local search results can bring in thousands of new customers and revenue. But how do you make sure your business listing appears prominently when people are searching for what you offer?

One of the most important things you can do is build citations for your business all around the internet. 

What are Local Citations?

Local citations are essentially mentions of your business name, address, and phone number on other websites. They serve as signals to search engines about the legitimacy of your business.

When Google and other search engines see your business NAP (name, address, phone number) listed consistently on authoritative sites, it boosts the local ranking of your Google Business Profile listing. 

The more high-quality, consistent citations you have plant, the better you will typically rank in local searches.

But building local citations is about more than just improving your local SEO. 

They also make your business easier to find in general online and build up your online presence. 

Let’s look at why local business citations are so important and how to get started building them up.

Why do Local Citations Matter?

When you get listed on reputable local business directories and apps, it instantly makes your business much easier to find in online searches beyond just the local pack on Google. 

Someone could find your citations by searching on Yelp, Apple Maps, Facebook, and many other popular platforms.

Having an up-to-date citation profile also builds trust and legitimacy with potential customers. 

If they can find mention of your business all over the internet, they will assume you are well-established and reputable. Whereas if your information is inconsistent or missing on many directories, it creates doubt.

Consistent data is critical because search engines use citations from around the web to confirm information and decide how authoritative your listing is. 

If your NAP details don’t match up everywhere, it looks sketchy and lowers your rankings.

Local citations from authoritative sources act as virtual proof that your business actually exists at a specific location. The more high-quality sources verify your details, the more trust and authority get built up in Google’s eyes.

Getting listed on industry-specific and local directories also increases your chances of getting found by people searching those particular platforms. 

For example, a lawyer would want to be listed on directories specifically for legal professionals.

And, having citations on locally-relevant sites expands your online footprint in that geographic area, exposing you to more potential neighborhood customers.

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How to Build Local Citations?

Now that you understand why local citations are important, let’s talk about how to actually get listed on reputable platforms around the web. 

Creating new citations is fairly straightforward, but keeping your data consistent is crucial for citations to be fully effective.

First, you will want to make sure your NAP details are completely in sync everywhere. 

That means taking an audit of where your business is already listed online and cleaning up any inconsistencies in that core information about your name, address, or phone number. 

Be sure to keep these details 100% uniform across your website, Google Business Profile, and any other existing listings. 

Just minor discrepancies like “St.” vs “Street” could cause issues.

With your data cleaned up, the next step is finding authoritative general and local platforms to get listed on if you haven’t already. 

Obvious essential ones are Google Business Profile (which provides data powering Google Maps, Local Pack, etc), Bing Places, Facebook, Yelp, YellowPages, SuperPages, and similar big national players.

You will also want to get listed on any locally relevant sites for your area like city guides, blogs, event calendars, and locally-focused directories. 

Think about common ways people in your town search for local businesses like yours and target those sites. 

An easy way to find sites is by Googling things like “plumber directories Chicago” or “Chicago business directories.”

For an extra local boost, see if there are specific directories or associations for your particular industry that would be relevant to get listed on as well.

When creating new listings, make sure to enter your data EXACTLY the same way everywhere, triple-checking the small details like abbreviations, suite numbers, etc. Completely consistent data is critical for citations to carry full weight.

On general directory sites, you will usually be able to create free basic citations with your business name, address, phone number, and other core details. More advanced listing options may come at a fee, but the free basic option is fine for citation building.

More on Maintaining Local Citations

Maintaining all of your local business citations is an ongoing process. Anytime you move locations or change your phone number, you will need to update all existing citations with the new information. 

Setting up a business citation monitoring service can help automate this process.

It’s also wise to periodically check your existing citations to ensure your data is still accurate and consistent across platforms as sites change ownership or get redesigned. 

Setting a quarterly reminder to audit your main citations can prevent problems from arising.

You should also be continuously building new local citations as relevant new platforms emerge. Just like maintaining citations, this is an ongoing process of putting your business in as many connected places online as possible.

While the work of building local citations never ends, it’s worth the effort for the search visibility and online presence it provides local businesses. 

Having an extensive, clean citation profile is one of the most important local SEO strategies for getting found in online local searches.

Local Business Citations: The Key Takeaways

Having consistent, authoritative citations widely spread around the internet makes your local business much more visible online.

Some key things to remember about local citations

  • They help boost local search rankings by verifying your information to search engines
  • Citations make your business easier to find across directories, apps, and local searches
  • Consistent data is critical – information must match up perfectly everywhere
  • Building citations involves claiming listings on major sites and local area platforms
  • You will need to continuously update citations if your core business data changes
  • Monitoring and maintenance of citations is an ongoing process

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