Google Ads Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make (and How Google Ads Agency Can Help)


Google Ads is a powerful advertising platform that allows businesses to promote their products and services to targeted audiences. With the right strategy and optimization, Google Ads can generate significant revenue and ROI. However, there are also common mistakes advertisers make that can waste the budget of Google pay per click and hurt campaign performance. Avoid these Google Ads pitfalls by working with an experienced Google Ads agency.

Not Doing Keyword Research

Failing to properly research and target relevant keywords is one of the biggest Google Ads mistakes. Without knowing what search terms your ideal customers are using, you end up with broad, irrelevant traffic that won’t convert. 

A Google Ads agency will help you identify high-value keywords so you can reach people actively looking for your products or services.

Having a Weak Value Proposition

Your ads should clearly communicate what makes your business better than the competition. Without a compelling value proposition, people will simply skip your ads for others more relevant to what they want. An agency can help craft ad copy and messaging that speaks directly to your audience’s needs and motivates them to Google pay per click.

Bidding Too High or Low

Determining the optimal bid strategy takes skill and analysis. Bidding too high means you’ll overpay for clicks and run through your budget too quickly. Bidding too low gets you very little traffic. An agency will set intelligent bids based on your targets, margins and competitive landscape. This enables you to get the most conversions at the best price.

Not Segmenting Campaigns

Running one large campaign prevents you from tailoring strategy, ads and landing pages to different audiences. An agency will divide your account into highly focused campaigns based on product line, geography and more. This level of segmentation allows you to optimize performance.

Ignoring Quality Score

Google uses a Quality Score to rate the relevance and quality of ads and landing pages. A low score leads to higher costs per click. Agencies continuously monitor Quality Score and make improvements to enhance it. This saves you money while generating more qualified visitors.

Not Testing Ad Variants

Continually testing different versions of ads is crucial for optimization. An agency will test headlines, ad copy, call-to-actions, layouts and more to determine what resonates best with your audience. This results in higher click-through rates, conversions and ROI.

Not Optimizing for Mobile

With consumers’ increasing use of smartphones, it’s essential to design Google Ads and landing pages specifically for mobile users. Otherwise, you miss out on a huge share of potential customers. Agency experts know how to optimize text, visuals and calls-to-action for successful mobile campaigns.

Neglecting Extensions

Extensions like call, location, affiliate link and price help drive more clicks by prominently displaying your contact info, offers and unique brand identifiers. An agency will advise which extensions work best and implement them seamlessly into your account. They will continuously analyse performance data to double down on top-converting extensions.

Overlooking Remarketing

Remarketing uses customised ads to recapture people who previously visited but didn’t convert on your site. Agency expertise ensures you build effective remarketing lists and ads that turn site visitors into buyers. They will set up remarketing campaigns to reach engaged audiences across Google and beyond.

Not Monitoring Metrics

Google Ads provides a wealth of performance data. Not monitoring key metrics means you miss opportunities for improvement. With regular optimization guided by in-depth metric analysis, an agency will get your account into top shape. They will look beyond vanity metrics and focus on the numbers that matter most for your growth and profitability.

No Ongoing Split Testing

Regular split testing should be part of any Google Ads strategy. An agency will continuously run A/B or multivariate tests to see how minor changes affect critical KPIs. This enables refinements that enhance conversions over time. They will draw on their expertise to develop insightful test ideas and analyse results for campaign evolution.

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