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Web Development

BEglobal - Partner With The Best Web Development Company In Dubai To Build A Successful Online Presence For Your Business

A website is one of the best digital assets for showcasing your brand on the internet.

Your business can achieve great success through a website. So, you can get people to know about your brand, teach them about your business, get their contact information, figure out what they are looking for, and turn them into brand ambassadors.

Choose our BEglobal web development company in Dubai that provides quality web services.

Nowadays, almost all brands have a website. So, the best way to stand out from the competition is to create a website with the latest web development features.

But, there are numerous features associated with web development. Only a professional web developer can understand them all. So, partner with us and build a successful online presence for your business.

The Best Way To Choose A Web Development Company

What factors should you consider when choosing a web development company? if you're not sure where to start, here are a few key points to consider

What kind of website do you need?

The process of selecting a web development company in Dubai can be challenging, so it is important to consider the type of website you require. For example, are you in need of a website that is capable of handling e-commerce transactions? or Interested in showcasing case studies on a website?

To determine what you'll need in a web development company, think about what kind of website you need first.

What Level of Support do You Need?

Pre and post-launch support are also important to consider when selecting a web development company.

Do you need a web development company that can simply create a website for you? Or do you need someone to help you maintain the website after it is completed? It is important to determine what you need before you begin a project so that you can succeed.


Choosing the right web development company can be difficult, but you should consider your compatibility with them.

You and the web development company must be on the same page if you wish to have a successful website.

So, before starting a project, you should always sit down with the web development company to discuss the partnership, scope, and ways of working.

Website Development For Your Business Growth

Should my business have a website? This question would have been valid a few years ago, but now that the world has become digital, you have no choice but to adopt the technology.

The process of creating a website involves designing, developing, and maintaining it.

You can use a website for many things, like marketing, building your business, improving your online presence, customer relationship management (CRM), filing, storing information, learning tools, sales, communicating, showing off your work, and more.

If you have no website, whether your business is big or small, you're missing great opportunities to increase sales.

Reasons why web development is still crucial for your business:

  • Makes navigation easier
  • Take advantage of SEO to win
  • Make your website visually appealing
  • Boost sales
  • Ensure your business attracts lifetime clients
  • Increase your client base
  • Improving user engagement
  • Resourceful in marketing and advertising
  • Streamlining the brand

A business website is the most valuable asset you have online; it's your gateway to success in digital marketing.

The best web development company can help you develop and set up a well-structured and optimized website.

BEglobal, our web development company in Dubai, can help you with all your website development needs.

We are a fully systematized website development agency that offers comprehensive quality assurance services designed to meet the timelines and expectations of your target audience.

Professionals on our team are highly creative, specialized in their horizons, and work tirelessly to deliver unique designs.

What Makes Us The Top Web Development Company In Dubai?

Dedicated Web Developers

We offer each client a dedicated web developer who will handle any changes or problems until they are fixed, making sure that every project is finished successfully.

Also, our developers will build every element on the website with a specific purpose, starting with navigation to imagery.


Every business has its products or services. So, our prices vary based on scalability, purpose, and scope of the website. We deliver the best websites at reasonable prices to all our clients.

Real-Time Tracking

We inform our clients about their projects periodically through real-time report tracking. This report outlines the progress of the website and its performance to date.

Constant Support

Your website will receive continuous support from our team to ensure that it is updated and performing at its best.

We can also help you to make changes after the fact, like adding new features or making new landing pages.

A Reliable, Stable, and Responsive Website

A result-driven and engaging outcome make us one of the best web development companies in Dubai.

Our team will go the extra mile to create a user-friendly and responsive website for our clients.

Performance Ready

Our team installs strategic forms with Heatmap and Analytics tools to check the ease of navigation and make changes accordingly.

During the testing phase of a website, we also test the speed of page loading many times.

Make Your Digital Presence Secure with Our Creative Website Services

Communication is one of the most important aspects of your business, and we understand that fully.

In order to help you establish a strong market presence, we deliver the best web development services.

Our expertise ranges from website development and mobile app development to digital marketing, UI/UX design, and more.

Using a holistic approach, our professionals create the right strategy for the success of your company.

To achieve the desired results, our professionals do everything with the utmost proficiency.

As a top digital marketing agency, we help businesses build strong online presences that help them grow as much as possible.

With a team of highly creative professionals, we deliver seamless user experiences across multiple devices while maintaining your target audience at all times.

By working together, we can help you achieve your business objectives effortlessly.

If you are looking for a web development company in Dubai that will never compromise on quality, we're the best choice.

Top 9 FAQs for Web Development

Both web design and web development are different tasks. The designer creates the user interface of a website as part of web design. During Web development, a website's functionality, as well as programming and other activities, are accomplished. BE global, based in Dubai, is known for combining style and functionality in order to provide a comprehensive website development service.
You're committing to a long-term technological connection when you work with BE global, one of the leading Web Development Companies in Dubai. BE global understands that every business needs web development services, which include:

  • Excellent online presence
  • Extremely quick and responsive website
  • Constant maintenance, updates, and upgrades according to time and technology change.
BE global assists clients in achieving this goal by working side by side with them, putting forth our best efforts, and employing the top talent in the industry.

Contact us for State-of-the-art web design and development.
One of the most crucial aspects of building your brand or organization is selecting a domain name. Your domain name is frequently one of the first things people see, and it can influence how they perceive your website and brand. A well-selected domain name can boost user interest and drive online traffic, but a poorly chosen domain name can have the opposite effect.

Here are some guidelines for choosing a name that reflects and benefits your online brand:

Shorter is better: Less is more when it comes to selecting domain names. Users are more likely to locate you with shorter names because they are easier to remember and type. It's easier to stand out when there's less to read. It's best not to exceed two or three words while choosing a domain name.

Simplicity is the key: Go for simple and easy-to-remember domain names if you want people to remember and type the domain name accurately while searching for your business online. It can be difficult for users to recall and spell complicated or unusual words or names.

It is a game of keywords: Relevant words make it easy for users to find you in a search and quickly know what you do. Keywords might refer to what you do or offer (for example, "coffee" or "cleaning"), as well as your location. Incorporating your location (such as "Okemos") into your domain name may also assist you in reaching out to local clients and users.

Brand name and domain: Your brand should be reflected in your domain name, and vice versa. Because brands take time to grow, having your distinctive brand name in your domain can help you stand out, earn awareness, and enhance website traffic. Be cautious not to use any existing brand names or trademarks while coming up with your brand name and domain name.

Name of the website: While it may seem apparent, your domain name should be the same as, or as close to, your brand name as possible. You don't want customers to be confused if they type in your domain name and end up on a website with a name different from your brand.

Don’t chase perfection: Many people waste time attempting to come up with the perfect name when they might be spending that time creating a strong brand around a perfectly good domain name. Don't put off starting your business or project because of not being able to find the appropriate domain.

Every website is unique, and developing one from the ground up takes time. You may be looking at a weeks- or months-long timetable if you're planning a significant project with a genuine budget. That's normal, but depending on your needs, you may be able to get a great website up and running much faster. When working with a professional agency, constructing a website takes anywhere from two to twelve weeks. However, it is dependent on your requirements. It's tough to estimate how long a site should take without understanding what kind of project you have on your mind. You could want a specific appearance or functionality for your website, and translating all of that from your thoughts into a fully operating website takes time.
In a way, asking "how much does a website cost?" is similar to asking "how much does a house cost?" The answer is highly dependent on the person who is inquiring, as well as his or her needs and preferences. What is the location? How many bedrooms do you need? What style do you prefer? These are a few aspects that will play a significant role in deciding the cost of construction.

Similarly, when it comes to creating a website, it all comes down to the amount of effort required.

The amount of work required is determined by the size and complexity of your website. That implies a professional-looking 10-page informational website with standard customization will be less expensive than a highly customized 50-page site with all the bells and whistles.
Of course, it will be. We optimize each page of the website to make it search engine friendly from the start and throughout the web construction process, assisting in getting a high ranking on Google and other search engines. Natural or organic listings, which are free listings, are the focus of our search engine optimization services. The quality of your website's construction and content determines your organic rankings. Optimizing your website will provide you the best chance of getting a return on investment in the short and long term.
The simplest answer to the question of how often you should update your website is that it should be updated as often as it needs to be updated. On a daily basis, minor website changes may be performed, with a full website overhaul occurring every two to three years. Website changes come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Depending on your aims and priorities, changing your website could be as simple as optimizing some of your older blog entries for highlighted snippets or listicles, or as involved as a full rebrand. BE global provides extensive update and maintenance services as part of the web development package to ensure that your website and web applications remain competitive.
Of course, we do. A website redesign is a comprehensive overhaul of your current website that involves significantly changing components such as code, content, structure, and graphics in order to better serve your visitors. A great website redesign boosts income, lowers bounce rates, and enhances the user experience (UX).

We believe that what is good for customers is good for business and that approaching a website redesign with customers in mind is the best, safest, and most successful method to accomplish it. Research is an important aspect of any website redesign: it's the greatest method to figure out what's working and what isn't, as well as to learn more about what your target customers want and how to make your site more user-friendly. BE global conducts rigorous research and collaborates closely with our clients to achieve the best possible results through a website redesign.
Static websites are fixed, usually written exclusively in HTML, and display the same content for every user. Static websites often feature a certain number of pages with a predetermined structure. When the page is loaded into a browser, the content is static and does not respond to user input. A static website is commonly built on simple text editors like Notepad, using HTML and CSS.

A dynamic website, on the other hand, is more functional than a static website, which is merely informational. A dynamic website uses extensive programming and databases in addition to HTML to show different information and offer user interaction. It enables users to engage with the data presented on the page. Of course, this necessitates the use of more than just HTML code. Static websites are less difficult to construct than dynamic websites as you can see.

If you wish to create a website, you should base your decision on the site's objective as well as your available resources.

Dynamic websites are preferred by most people because they are easier to maintain in the long run, encourage efficient data management, and may be expanded with additional features in the future. A dynamic website should be your first choice if you want a website that is both complicated and functional. The disadvantage is that they take longer to construct and have greater initial expenses.

Static sites are designed for users who only wish to create informational websites, such as a company's brochureware site. The web pages will not alter because the user will be unable to take any action. The content is non-interactive and read-only. Nevertheless, simple static websites can appear excellent and efficiently fulfill their aim of informing consumers.

Your decision on whether to go with a static or dynamic website should be based on your goals. Static websites have fewer functions but are extremely easy to design, whereas dynamic websites offer more options but require a complex design process. Make an informed decision based on your expectations from the website.