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Programmatic Buying

Programmatic Buying

How many times have you, as a marketer, winced in your seat and wished for some control over where your ads run. It’s true that the publishers, the agency or the network representative you work with may be your friends. It’s true that you can trust them. What is equally true is that your friends at these places are not involved with ad operations themselves. Nonetheless imagine the raw power that a transparent platform gives you, where you could buy the inventory you desire, at rates you are comfortable bidding for, in lieu of a performance which is transparent, efficient and can be optimized basis your own learnings. Programmatic buying does just that and more.

There are two sides of any programmatic solution- a Demand Side Platform (DSP) that will be your interface as a marketer, and a Supply Side Platform (SSP) that aggregates and makes available the publishers’ inventory. These platforms may or may not include Real Time Bidding Solutions (RTB).

Infact Programmatic Direct doesn’t even require human intervention. It enables more transparency and efficiency, smart stock management and safe targeted advertising.

BE Global’s Programmatic stack offers:

Increased control & transparency
A level playing field against competition
Reduced Reliance on multiple vendors
Instant access to various inventory channels, along with planning and buying tools
Lookalike Audiences for enhanced reach and better ROI
Seamless A/B testing and post campaign analysis