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Digital Creative Services

“Our customers don’t watch our videos for more than 6 seconds”.

“Our customers flip the page before they have read our ad”.

“Before our ad appears, audiences flip channels.

“We get millions of impressions, but hardly any clicks, leave alone other engagement”.

“Our customer don’t understand the message.”

These are the pet peeves of a typical marketing department, across industries, geographies and media.There are many reasons to it, ranging from communication quality to media appropriateness and everything in between. However, it all begins where the eyeball lands. Is your creative appealing enough to make the wandering eyeball stay? All media optimization, data and buying comes to naught if the creative is not attractive and easy to understand.

We understand the issues of our clients and work with them closely to develop the right communication and showcase the same in the most apt, media-optimized creative.Our team of graphic designers, copywriters, animators and web developers pool in all their talent to come up with exciting concepts, ideas and creatives that set the ball rolling.

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