Why do you need Whatsapp marketing by the Social media marketing agency Dubai?

Social media marketing

We all use whats app for personal use, but using whats app for marketing or advertising was never in question, but now WhatsApp has changed the game for businesses with WhatsApp business that allows businesses to connect with web platforms, and social media platforms directly. Now WhatsApp is more than just a messaging app, it has a lot more benefits for businesses that every business owner must use. Earlier WhatsApp was limited to personal use, but now WhatsApp business has changed the concept entirely. It allows businesses to become more personalized and connect with customers instantly in real-time to resolve their queries. Like other social media platforms, WhatsApp business can be useful in many ways, businesses must be able to use it to its full potential. We at Beglobal have an expert team of Social media marketing agency Dubai that will help you understand how you can use Whatsapp business to your benefit, but first, let’s understand how it can benefit your business. 

Here is the list of key features that will help your brand: 

Real-time customer support: Customer service and support are one of the major factors that make a brand successful. When your customers are satisfied, and their queries are resolved, you can gain trust and build a strong reputation among customers. Whatsapp businesses allow you to give real-time support to your customers. You can resolve their queries and complaints quickly with no middleman. We are the best Social media marketing agency in Dubai that can help you integrate social media platforms including WhatsApp business with a website to boost customer satisfaction. 

Engaging digital platform: integrating WhatsApp with your brand website will help you interact and engage with your customers directly. When a visitor visits your website, they might have a lot of queries and questions. Whatsapp businesses allow you to collect data, analyze what they need, ask direct questions to resolve queries, and take customer feedback, letting visitors know you care about them. 

Automation and FAQ: Whatsapp businesses allow you to use automated responses and answers to common faq customers might ask, you don’t need to connect with customers every time they message you a similar question. You can automate the main welcome message and most commonly asked questions to your customers. According to a survey, 56% of customers prefer messaging to customer service rather than talking on the phone. You can take advantage of the WhatsApp business to enhance customer services. 

Creative marketing: Enhance your WhatsApp business strategy by using WhatsApp status creatively. For instance, you can post your behind the scene videos, show your customers what your creative and production process look like, or you can show a sneak peek of a new product, etc. Use your WhatsApp business status to promote and engage customers with your brand and you can your contact details on status. Beglobal, Social media marketing services Dubai can help you develop creative ideas for WhatsApp marketing and other social media marketing to attract and engage customers. 

Use catalog tool: Use the WhatsApp business catalog tool as a store from WhatsApp, ut will help your customers to browse your products. You can highlight your new products or best sellers or seasonal collections to attract customers. Whatsapp catalog feature allows you to upload around 500 products with descriptions, titles, images, and links. You can connect this catalog with social media platforms. 

Take advantage of WhatsApp traffic: Whatsapp is the most popular messenger app, every month, 2 billion people use WhatsApp at least once across the globe. It’s the third most popular social media app after Facebook, Instagram, and youtube with half a billion users using whats app every day. Just like any other Social media marketing agency Dubai app, use what’s an app business to your advantage. 

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