Why AI Content Hurts SEO?

AI Content

Have you heard about using AI to generate content for your website? I know, it sounds tempting – just type in a few keywords, and that’s it, you’ve got a unique new blog post or web page! 

But before you get too click-happy with the AI content generators, let’s talk about how it can actually hurt your SEO.

See, search engines like Google are getting smarter every day. Their algorithms analyze content to determine if it’s high-quality, valuable information – or just spun, duplicated fluff. And when it comes to AI-generated content, it’s usually pretty easy for Google to recognize that it’s not written by a human.

Here’s why:

  • AI Doesn’t Understand Context

One of the biggest giveaways of AI content is that it often lacks contextual relevance. The software just spews out words related to the given keywords, without any true comprehension of what those words mean or how they logically fit together.

For example, say you prompt the AI to write a blog post about “the impact of social media on teens.” 

The AI might talk about Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok – but it won’t understand that those are specific social media platforms. It’s just blindly throwing out related words without any depth or nuance.

This lack of contextual relevance is a red flag for Google. Their algorithms are looking for thoughtful, well-researched content that provides real value for searchers. AI content simply can’t compete.

  • Repetition and Redundancy Abound

Skim through an AI-generated blog post, and you’ll likely notice a whole lot of repetitive, redundant phrasing. That’s because, with no human intellect behind it, the AI relies on spitballing related keywords over and over.

For example, a post about social media might say teens are using “platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat” in one paragraph, then later repeat “Teens use sites like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook.” 

Google’s algorithms are smart enough to catch on to this kind of repetitive content and will penalize your pages.

  • No Unique Voice or Personality

One thing that sets quality content apart is the unique voice and flair of the human writer. AI has no sense of personal style – it just neutrally spits out words semi-related to the topic.

This lack of unique personality is another dead giveaway that the content wasn’t crafted with care by a human. And again, Google’s constantly evolving algorithms get better at detecting this lack of originality.

  • Thin, Surface-Level Content

At best, AI can only generate surface-level content based on the keywords you provide. It cannot comprehend complex concepts or delve deeper into nuanced analysis. The result is thin content that skims the surface without providing true insight.

Google wants to surface content that breaks new ground, offers something beyond the basics, and shows expertise in a topic. So when their algorithms detect shallow AI content, you can bet your pages will sink in the rankings.

What About Latent Diffusion Models?

You may be thinking – wait, what about those new latent diffusion models like GPT-3? Don’t they create more human-like content?

It’s true, the latest AI models are getting better at mimicking human writing. But they still fall short in comprehending complex ideas, conveying emotion, and providing in-depth analysis. Google is already developing ways to identify this type of AI content as well.

So in summary, relying on AI to generate website content may seem quick and convenient, but it comes at an SEO Services cost. The content lacks contextual relevance, original voice, and intellectual depth – all things Google’s algorithms look for when determining quality.

How to Keep Your Content Human-Made?

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to access high-quality human-written content without resorting to AI.

  • The first tip is to work with a talented FREELANCE writer in your niche. They can craft custom content with true expertise.
  • Second, you have to GUEST POSTS on authority sites related to your industry. This is a great way to get fresh, diverse content.
  • Next, CURATE and REPURPOSE your own existing media assets like presentations, internal memos, and case studies.
  • You can also INTERVIEW industry experts and turn the conversations into blog posts. Nowadays, this is one of thetrending way to write a blog post.
  • Finally, write detailed GUIDES and TUTORIALS using your own products or services.

So, what’s the takeaway? Don’t let the allure of quick AI content entice you. Why because it simply won’t pass Google’s standards. And, it doesn’t help you to rank in Google. Sometimes, it may rank but it won’t last longer.

If you truly want to grow your business in the long term, you have to avoid AI content. Instead, try to invest in content crafted by real humans. Definitely, your search rankings will thank you!

I know the prospect of AI content creation is exciting, but slow down and think twice before going down that road. 

Make sure any new website content is thoughtfully produced by humans if you want to maintain strong SEO. Developing truly valuable, unique content takes time and expertise.

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