The Key Takeaways From EXPO 2020 Dubai

Expo 2020

The expo 2020, which is the World Expo will be hosted by Dubai this year, in the United Arab Emirates.  Including the telephone, TV, and even in the food and beverages category. And yet expo Dubai 2020 is also going to give a platform for many innovations. 

The expo 2020 was originally scheduled from 20 October 2020 to 10 April 2021, because of the covid-19 pandemic around the corner the expo was rescheduled from 1 October 2021-31 March 2022. The name didn’t change because of some marketing and branding purposes. The whole world is waiting for the expo 2020 to begin. 

The BIE (Bureau international des expositions) general assembly of Paris. Announced Dubai as the next host of the expo 2020 in the year 2013.

The Marketing Agency for Expo 2020 consists of global challenges, innovations and technology, entertainment, arts and culture, future of food, architecture, business and entrepreneurship, education programs.

The main area of Expo 2020 Dubai consists of 438-hectare, situated between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The whole concept is designed by American firm HOK. And the whole expo is organized around a central plaza and named based on the 3 large thematic districts. And each one of them emphasizes Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability. And with this even Dubai has planned to invest in many sectors like real estate, environmental avenues, and public affairs. And with this new beginning, Dubai has announced its first-ever world’s largest solar power project. 

The Dubai expo 2020 will have a theme named “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. And has Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability as Subthemes. 

And these are considered the best in their respective platforms. And each of these pavilions is open for a limited time before the grand opening of Expo Dubai 2020.

The Sustainability Pavilion is for the planet earth. AS we join forces, small actions grow into positive global movements that will help many other communities to protect and preserve the world around us. Here one can experience the world’s most advanced technology in action, champion sustainability, and know how the human race will enjoy nature with the high-tech future.

And this creates connections to drive the world forward and break down the divide between the physical and digital arenas. Where ideas, information, and goods are exchanged faster than ever.

The opportunity pavilion is to give a chance to one person who can change the whole world. Where any one person can have a key to unlock 100 of many opportunities for others. And this will be the meet for many such people who have the aspiration to change the ideas and aspirations for a better tomorrow.

Several marketing agencies are supporting Dubai expo 2020.  Such as 

  • Accenture is digital service partners
  • Cisco for official digital network partner
  • CNN will be official podcasters
  • L’Oréal is beauty partners

Waste partner disco to host nationwide bus tours. And many others like NISSAN, PepsiCo, SAP, SIEMENS, TERMINUS, Emirates NBD, etc.

The tickets for Dubai Expo 2020 are going to be sold from July 1 onwards. And there will be 3 types of passes included – daily, monthly and seasonal. And they will be applicable according to their names. And the pricing will start from AED 95 to AED 495.

Keeping the COVID-19 crisis in mind, Expo 2020 will be held under strict pandemic rules. These include sanitizations stations, compulsion on face-mask, and social distancing regulations.

To build the UAE’s successful vaccination program, expo 2020 has imposed free covid-19 vaccinations on official participants and their staff.

Even UAE minister Reem Al Hashimy has said “excitement is building, and are eagerly waiting to welcome everyone to an unusable 6-month celebration, where the world has yet to experience. And the expo 2020 platform is getting ready for the innovations to begin”. The event would be completely vibrant, dynamic and celebrities.

And even the whole world is waiting to experience the new era of technology, and celebrations going to meet the new generation. 

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