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The Expo 2020 is going to be held in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. It was planned to happen on 22 October 2020, but because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it got postponed to 1 October 2021. And the Expo 2020 name didn’t change for some marketing and branding purposes.

This will be one of the world’s best platforms to showcase any talent that might ignite innovations that are going to change the lifecycle of any human being. The Dubai expo 2020 will have a theme named “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. And has Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability as Subthemes. 

And this is that platform from 170 years earlier, where Charles Babbage’s first mechanical computer was on display in 1862, and the century 21 was stunned by IBM’s shoebox, the computer which reacted to vocal commands in 1962. And the great Alexander Graham Bell showcased the world’s first telephone in 1876, And Japan in 1970 allowed each visitor to experience the technology.

Even though the first TV was demonstrated in 1939 at the New York expo, HDTV was introduced in 2005 in Japan. Not only in these, even in food culture also there were inventions found like Heinz ketchup and Cone ice cream. So the list goes on…

The 2020 Marketing Expo will be a power of collaboration and partnership in the new era in which we live. and it is expected to be the world’s largest and most ambitious expo to date. This 6-month expo is going to have 30 thousand volunteers and more than 200 food and beverage outlets. And going to exhibit art, technologies, entertainment, and many more.

Social media in Expo 2020

When it comes to technology, there is no way other than Expo 2020 social media agencies. If you want to take part in Expo 2020 and want to create some buzz and want to get recognized then social media will be your companion. 

To make the most use of your social media, you need to have some strategy. Like making Campaigns, working on the content, and maintaining a calendar to ensure everything is going on time. And looking for channels through which you are going to broadcast your ideas and, yes, the budget obviously to run the campaigns. 

There are several things you have to work on before you enter Expo 2020 in social media marketing. 


Use the official Hashtag expo 2020; this will make sure you connect with other partners or participants or exhibitors who are going to take part in Expo-2020. And even creating your hashtag can attract many of them to your side.


Videos basically can convince anyone because the visualization impacts more on the belief and can make everyone understand what you are going to showcase. So recreating teaser videos will help to understand what your subject is about and what they can expect from your side.

Account-based marketing:

This is the strategy to turn the leads to your account. It is a business marketing strategy for account awareness in which the organization communicates with customer accounts for marketing purposes. This way, it will ensure the best value for their organization. And with this, it is easy to engage with live events themselves.

Landing page for the lead generations

Who doesn’t like revenue out of business? Create a catchy and easy landing page to get some leads, which in turn can become part of our business. And having data is the best technique to increase the business.

Social media Ads

Create short and catchy Ads on your Social media so that whoever wants to connect with the event can see what they’re going to get in the 2020 Marketing EXPO.


The key USP should be very distinct because there will be 100 marketing happening, but one has to get an idea of what Is yours? And what can they expect? So try to become new or distinct.

Involve in all conversations

Have a discussion or conversation whenever possible and try to understand what the world needs and explain your business to give them an idea of what your business is about.

Have a platform 

Have a personalized platform to show your talent. And connect with all with hashtags, videos, landing pages, etc.

Promote the Expo 2020

Go for social media promotions. Use hashtags, connect with people around and try to get an idea of what needs to be improvised.

And to do everything you can get in touch with some Social Media Marketing Agencies where they will help you from the planning till the execution. And even the post-coverage of Expo 2020 can help with understating the new technologies that are going to be introduced to the world.

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