Intro To E-A-T SEO And Why It’s Important


E-A-T SEO is an acronym for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. It’s a more effective approach to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). In short, E-A-T refers to a set of on-page content standards that you must stick to in order to rank highly in Google’s SERPs. Let’s discuss more in detail the intro to E-A-T SEO and why it is so important to consider in this blog.

E-A-T SEO At A Glance

E-A-T is an acronym that describes the three qualities a successful content marketer must have: expertise, authority, and trust. With these three qualities, Google measures to determine how much weight it will give a brand or website in its search results.

Google wants to provide its users with the most satisfactory search results possible. So, it only promotes websites that are proven to be trustworthy.

Businesses with the best display of their Expertise, Authority, and Trust should not only see themselves promoted by Google but this should also result in improved trust from target audiences leading to increased sales.

Improving a brand or website’s E-A-T should lead to increased recognition and positive sentiment, which can also increase sales revenue.


People come to your site seeking solutions to their problems. They want a website that shows they are experts in their field and have extensive knowledge of it.

For example, people who need medical care are unlikely to trust a doctor with only basic knowledge of their field.

A website is evaluated in much the same way as any other kind of business: by evaluating how people react to it.

So, becoming an expert in your field will help you attract more customers by proving that you are knowledgeable and experienced enough to handle their needs.


Generally, people or organizations with authority are considered trustworthy and reliable.

Likewise, people go online to search for experts who can provide reliable information. Besides, consumers want to feel confident that they’re going to be receiving expert advice from these people or brands, which is why offering evidence of your credentials is important. Just like in our identity parade analogy earlier!

Google is scrutinizing your brand, website, and content to see if you’re producing not only expertly written material but also leading or authoritative work.


Google has always calculated a website’s trustworthiness based on the links that the site receives from other websites. Higher trust in the linked domain results in more confidence in the website.

7 Effective Ways To Improve E-A-T SEO

EAT SEO provides a trusted resource for users looking for quality content. There are no easy ways to improve the E-A-T of a website. The only way to increase your site’s E-A-T is by working hard at it. Here are some ways to increase effectiveness:

  • Get More Reviews

Good reviews from clients or consumers can help make a site seem more trustworthy. Reviews are a major consideration for Google when assigning E-A-T scores.

In addition, a website that features client testimonials or case studies provides first-hand proof of its value. Improving your E-A-T scores can be as easy as finding a reasonable source of third-party indulgence.

  • Build Quality Links

Backlinks, or inbound links, are hyperlinks that lead readers from one website to another. They are important for E-A-T SEO because they act as a vote of confidence between websites. More backlinks help build E-A-T because the links connect similar content, thus increasing user traffic and the visibility of sites.

  • Update Content

It’s just as important to update old content as it is to create new content.

This keeps content appealing and increases the number of time readers spends on your site. Also, increase the E-A-T SEO.

By keeping your content up to date, you help the search engine give its users what they want. Also, you should remove broken links and update figures.

  • Show Contact Details

Google’s guidelines make it mandatory to provide contact information for the person who created a particular piece of content.

There should be enough information about a company or brand’s history, mission statement, and product line to allow consumers to make informed decisions.

Build A Positive Brand Reputation

Google promoted sites that focused on their users by building their brand image.

Paying too much attention to Google’s search algorithm and trying to maximize your content for it will result in only lower E-A-T.

The “About Us” page is an excellent place to list major achievements, SEO specialists recommend including auxiliary content, and several successful companies have invested in collecting customer reviews.

  • Eliminate Low E-A-T Content

Removing low-quality content from a website may increase its credibility and search engine rankings, although it will initially cause traffic to decrease.

Before uploading content, it is crucial to consider whether or not that content is relevant. Experts should be the only ones allowed to write and approve content.

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